Digital Marketing in 2019

The marketing game stands strong from the past few years rather than a decade. All the previous predictions and stuff got outdated as digital marketing entered the field of marketing. Every such assumption and every such technology-related integrations have fallen short and the digital marketing trends took over like fire.

What remains constant is the way companies have to come up with powerful messages and creative ways to gain customers. Only the channel of actually conveying the message has kind of changed.

  • SEO optimization
  • Customer acquisition
  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • Pay-per-click
  • Social media
  • Search advertising,

    and so many other techniques have been introduced and become the next hot method adopted by companies to attract the large user base.

Companies that stand their ground in terms of digital marketing are the ones which have the majority of the audience at their end, while the others are generally left behind with few of the customers. In order to actually take the lead and reach a great height in the field of digital marketing, companies need to be well aware of the recent trends which prevail in the field of digital marketing. We have shortlisted a number of recent trends that will get you all creative in ways you might not have thought.

1. SEO split test

Marketing is about being sure that your digital marketing strategy is working in the best way. You need to test each of your strategies in order to know the change in traffic and take the necessary measures to make changes. This technique is generally used by top SEO agency in India to increase CTR which is the abbreviation of click-through rate. This can, however, be improved through constant testing and making changes accordingly. If your SEO techniques are to the point you will automatically notice increased clicks as well as traffic.

2. AI will outperform in terms of profiling buyers

With the pace artificial intelligence is increasing, it is now able to do a lot more things and has the ability to take over simpler jobs of humans. You need not employ people to predict who your potential customers are and how to reach them, as AI has been trained in such areas. AI can be used to predict consumer behavior in a better way as a particular search pattern can be derived from various mediums and used to target the consumers who ought to be interested in the services offered.

3. Indulgence of chatbots

Chatbots work as a medium for providing the voice for your organization. An organization needs to maintain that customer engaging behavior and how they interact with the people who try to contact them via various Social Media and website. This is where the chatbots play a significant role as they are a great mechanism that can be used as a medium of interaction. Chatbots are an AI-based technology that converses with people in real-time 24*7, uses instant messaging.

4. Omnichannel marketing

This is the best time to switch from multichannel marketing to omnichannel marketing in order to create that sense of belonging and care for the customers. in multichannel a customer can connect to an organization online through various channels but the channels aren't integrated with themselves. This barrier has gotten rid of in omnichannel, where all the channels are interlinked with each other and a customer's interest and interaction through all the channels will be noticed and reciprocated with.

5. Personalized marketing

Personalization is a new way of creating an impact. A company needs to come up with exciting new personalized content which includes products, emails and more. Indulging in techniques that grant people with the data can help an organization create really effective and a lot more engaging content, such that it would actually have an impact on the traffic which flows into the site.

Personalization is all about improving customer relationships and will draw their attention towards you, actually influencing them to buy your product or service.

6. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become the next most discussed topic, wherein people ought to be discussing various leaders and the brands they follow. Yes, it refers to the trend where a brand precisely picks out a key person having a large number of followers belonging to a particular market, to market their brand. According to digital marketing experts these key people often called the influencers are paid to promote the brand to their wide number of followers. It is a great marketing technique in present digital marketing trends. Target the micro influence and pull out their followers into your customer base.

7. Short Videos

The present trend is all about speaking wonders through a short video. Yes, a short yet intriguing video can create an effect on the customers’ lot more than a long blog which has all the merits and demerits of the products and services offered. Also, the video may not necessarily be limited to a short Ad or YouTube video; you may make a video post at various channels or start a live broadcast on various social media networks. Also, the way to present the video speaks for itself, add on some eye-catching descriptions and titles including trendy hashtags.

8. Visual search

Typing your queries in the box and finding search results have gone out of fashion a long way back, but so have the voice search. If you must be wondering if voice search is the new feature, you need to take a look at Google's new search by image feature. Here you can place search queries by adding onto some pictures. This is not the only website with a visual search bandwagon, as Pinterest, can find, etc have also started deploying this feature in order to make people's search queries better facilitated.

9. Smart speaker

There has been a drastic change in the stats of voice search and this made companies concern not only grow but also to come up with digital marketing strategies where they can keep their products and services in demand forever. This is why companies have come up with speakers' integrated assistants such as Siri, Alexa, etc. Voice search facilitates getting the audio result and spare the users the hassle of reading through the results. There are a bunch of companies that have already implemented the voice-based digital marketing strategies, while others strive to come with better strategies.

10. Social media stories advertising

If you are a regular social media user, you know how to draw people through the stories visible for 24 hours in almost all the social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Another great trend of digital marketing is stories advertising where your ads will be available for the user to view from among the content they follow. My stories emergence resulted from the well known and popular app snap chat and almost all the social media platforms are including this feature. This results in an increased number of customers if you are capable of creating such eye-catching and influencing short videos, to be displayed in the stories.

11. Virtual reality

Virtual reality by its very name sounds exciting, which has the indulgence of finding new things. Pretty true to its nature, digital marketing can be done through a virtual reality were finding you will be as easy as placing a search query in Google. It is actually a completely new environment user can look out for other than using it only for gaming experiences. An example is, VR can be used to locate places from a distance which is generally difficult for normal people.


2019 is all about digital marketing and digital marketing is all about finding your potential clients, keeping in view the present trends. We at Aspire Digitech, the best digital marketing company in Delhi, take care of all your needs and perform all digital marketing completely. If you have the precise knowledge of the present trends which happen to dominate the digital market, you for sure will be able to drag a lot of user into your customer base. Do your work, come with an action plan comprising of effective strategies, which would help you get to your expected target and goals.