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Marketing Research and Brand Management

Aspire Digitech Research and Media Partner Proudly Presents Business Leadership and Excellence Awards - 2020

We are proud to present the Business Leadership and Excellence Awards- 2020. The event will take place on 27th June 2020 to honour leading business figures and organizations. The Business Leadership and Excellence Awards, are a small token of appreciation from the Aspire Digitech to honour the Innovators, Achievers and Leaders in a spectacular way.

The event will witness a blend of elites who will join in to felicitate excellence and celebrate the joyous moment. Our event is a concept, which brings together prominent figures of the industry to share their vision and inspire future leaders with their success stories. The best innovators and performers in the business and service sector will vouch for the truth that success follows those who create a great customer experience.

The award function will be held at one of the 5-star properties. We will welcome over 300 guests, including leaders in their respective industries. This will be the once in a lifetime opportunity for those who want to network and celebrate success. The most interesting part of the event is that the awards and certificates will be given away by a celebrity of national repute.

What do we do?

Data Assembly is Our strength! We collect data from the industry through different channels. Based on the data, we assess and evaluate your brand’s position in the market and provide solutions to upgrade your brand value. We help brands allure the target audience. With our creative concepts, we establish and connect business with people.

We conduct extensive studies on quality enhancement, market strategy, brand positioning, consumer satisfaction, and consumer perception. We identify new opportunities and evaluate new market possibilities with our valid and feasible information. We recognize leading brands based on our research with accreditations and awards in the public domain.

How Do We Collect Data?

Aspire Digitech is fully equipped with the tools and tactics to meet any market research efficiently. Our team of expert researchers are able to meet new challenges of the market with their decade-old experience. We are an expert in retrieving information about any industry regardless of their projected image and produce a true brand image for evaluation.

  1. Media Research
  2. We aim to conduct media research in 5 tiers, such as:

    • Social role analysis: In social role analysis, Aspire Digitech examines the presence of various organizations in the media and analyzes the role each company plays.
    • Depth interviews: Aspire Digitech directly ask specific questions and understand the participant’s experience and perceptions.
    • Rhetorical analysis: We lay focus on advertising to a better understanding of styles, role, rhetorical devices in media messages.
    • Focus group: Allow our team to understand public responses to the media better.
    • Experiments: We conduct various experiments to test a group based on media presence for measuring the effects on the consumer.

Aspire Digitech practice research methodology entirely with the masses. It is the main objective of our research to deliver an analytical summary of the brand.

  1. Surveys
  2. At Aspire Digitech, we practice Online and Offline surveys to provide accurate and reliable information about the services, products, trends, and analytics. Aspire Digitech’ specialists collect data/feedback from its consumers through various methodologies, such as:

    • CAPI (Computer-assisted personal interviewing)
    • CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing)
    • CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interviewing)

Our approach is to provide you with a true analysis and first-hand information on various technologies, economic and non-economic parameters, potential markets, and main competitors to help in providing a competitive edge.

  1. Consumer Behaviour
  2. Over time, we have developed several methods of studying consumers and their drive to purchase services or products. Our research consists of two categories. Primary and secondary research. The study of consumer behaviour includes:-

    • How consumers feel and think about different brands, services, products and retailers.
    • How consumers select and reason between different alternatives.
    • How consumers are influenced by their environment.
    • How marketing campaigns can influence consumers.

Factors influencing consumers behaviour are in great numbers, therefore, a blend of various data will be the most robust.

  1. Descriptive Research
  2. We conduct Descriptive research by adopting specific methods like observational method, survey method, and case study method. Descriptive research allows our team to conduct research in the natural environment of the respondent. This highly organised practice ensures honest and high-quality data collection.

  1. Quantitative Research
  2. Aspire Digitech employs a systematic investigation by collecting quantifiable data and performing mathematical, statistical, or computational techniques. Quantitative research collects data from existing and potential customers through sampling methods and sending out online polls, online surveys, and questionnaires.

  1. Qualitative Research
  2. We collect data through unstructured collections methods, such as interviews, observations, documents and surveys to find themes and meanings to improve our understanding of the brand. We evaluate reasons for behaviours, motivation and attitudes, instead of just the details of what, where and when.

    The approach is clear and concise, to help promote brand name through various means.

    Industries We Cover
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel
  • Lounge and Bar
  • Coffee Houses
  • Food Products
  • Beverages
  • Travel and Tour Operators
Health Care and Wellness
  • Spa, Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Beauty Salon
  • Slimming Centres
  • Fitness & Sports
  • Health Care
  • Day Care
  • Play Schools
  • Dentist
  • Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Dermatologist
  • Personal Appearance
  • Nutritionist
  • Skin Clinic
  • Dietician
  • Gymnasium
Other Categories
  • Wedding & Candid Photographers
  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Makeup Artists
  • Event Planners
  • Wedding Planners
  • Fashion Designers
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Dance Studios
  • Fitness Centers
  • Caterers
  • Digital Marketing
  • Immigration Services
  • Real Estate
  • Education Sector
  • Professional Services
  • Agriculture
  • Auto-Transport Mfg.
  • Banking
  • Business Services
  • Chemicals
  • Commercial Transport
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Services
  • Consumer Services
  • Consumer Transport
  • Education
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Entertainment-Leisure
  • Environmental Services
  • Events
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial Mfg.
  • Insurance
  • Internet Service & Sales
  • Media
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Social Services
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Telecom Services
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Vehicle Sales-Service
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products

How Can You Win Recognition for Your Organization

We provide you with ways to win business awards for almost every category, from organizational awards to individual awards. Our recognition programs offer rewards such as nominations, awards, certificates, etc. to organizations to recognize their contribution to the industry.

Once you’ve decided what recognition can lift your company’s standard, you need to plan your course of action to win it. Follow these steps to get your application on the top of the pile:

• Establish Your Objectives - Firstly, it is important to establish the basis of nomination. Focus on what you want for your organization. It can be attracting new sponsors, selling more products, raising your industry profile, etc.

• Choose the Right Person to Represent Your Nomination- Making a winning entry in the award nomination might involve gathering and delivering the right information from your organization. Therefore, work accordingly.

• Present Your Content According to the Criteria - Our awards guidelines are easy to understand and show you how to win. So, make sure you follow everything that’s being asked of you.

• Tell a Story - Create a strong beginning, to reveal how you beat every competition and rise out as a champion.

• Keep it Concise - Keep your description in the application concise and punchy, using short sentences and statistics. So that judges can absorb your key points quickly.

The Benefits of Awards & Recognitions

If you’re new to the industry and looking for a big-time promotion in the market, awards are the best way to achieve it. The following are the benefit of company awards:

• Awards and recognitions can set you apart from the crowd, winning more respect in the market.

• It helps give your team morale a boost when their individuality and team efforts are recognised.

• For older businesses, these awards and recognition work as a fuel to drive innovations to many more miles.

• Awards can also boost your sales by significant numbers as they are a symbol of your credibility in the market.

• Awards make you more attractive to the best prospects, after all, everyone wants to be on the winning team.

• Recognition or awards shows that your organization is still innovating, and you are a major player in the market.

Applications are open for the nomination in Business Leadership and Excellence Awards 2020.